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A Sacred Brewery

Last weekend was the new moon.  And Friday the 13th.  And the attacks on Paris. And the first day of my period.

All this, and also my last day on the mushroom farm.

It was certainly a time full of emotion and a feeling of massive shifts going on in the world and within myself.

Despite all this, I was prepared to leave behind the “known” and the comforts of the farm, ready for new adventure.  Next stop:  a hostel/brewery … Read the rest

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TrickORTreat! Halloween Sale!

Dearest friends,


It’s that time of year again…  When it’s normal to walk around with fake blood on your face and plastic vampire teeth in your mouth.  When fishnet stocking companies rake in the millions.  When fake tombstones take the place of plastic flamingos in your neighbor’s yard.

That’s right.  It’s the perfect time to start watching “A Nightmare before Christmas.” It’s…Halloween.


I love how on this holiday, we can rejoice together in our weirdness, and let go … Read the rest


Finding the Way

IMG_5162(Just two pro-fessional explorer-ers… out to find the next adventure…)

Joel pointed out yesterday that we’ve been “on the road” for 3 months now.

We’ve been in Colombia, South America, for 16 days… so at first this statement caught me off guard, “What?! It’s been 3 months?! …Where have I been?!”

But then it dawned on me.  Oh, yea, we started our USA-tour road trip early July–a lifestyle of sleeping in the car, in our tent, or on friends’ couches– … Read the rest


ShockT (“shak’ti”) USA-Road Trip Summer 2015


We are embarking on a journey.  Traveling in Marvin (an “alien green” 2010 Kia Soul, a.k.a. “the ShockT space shuttle”), Joel and I are taking a 2-month loop around the USA-nation.

Joel (my partner-in-crime, a.k.a. @chieffunguy) had his last day working as a nurse in a Tampa Bay hospital on Saturday, June 27th.  I (@courtneyshockt) taught my last fitness/yoga class in St. Pete for this summer on Friday, July 3rd.  It was fitting for our road trip to begin the … Read the rest


Roadtrip Details: Unfolding


From early July- early September,

ShockT will be crossing the country!  (Well, looping, technically…)


Here’s where we’ll be scoping out cities!  –>

Asheville, NC

Baltimore, MD

New York City

Boston, MA

Burlington, VT

Ithaca, NY

Columbus, OH

Chicago, IL

Iowa City

Denver/Boulder, CO

Salt Lake City, UT


Portland, OR

Eugene & Bend, OR

Eureka, CA  (Mt. Shasta)

San Francisco, CA

Santa Barbara, CA

San Diego, CA

Joshua Tree

(Grand Canyon!)

Sedona, AZ

Santa Fe, NM

San Antonio, TXRead the rest


What’s on the Horizon?





It’s true.  I am a luster for the wandering.


Getting Here

During college, (I count my lucky stars) I had multiple experiences exploring overseas.  Europe, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Central America I can check off my list (and plan to check again, sometime in my life, if destiny so allows.)  After I graduated, I quenched more of my wander-thirst by opting to teach English in China (see for more detailed accounts.)


After returning … Read the rest