Living Mindfully and Sustainably


Nuclear bombs, GMO-foods, oil fracking, the military complex…. AAAHHHH!!!!!

There is certainly no shortage of fear and negativity if you turn on the TV or tune into conversations on the streets.  Perhaps, like me, you sometimes find yourself feeling helpless and at the whim of greedy governments and corporations, left to wonder what the next turn of events will bring for the fortune of our country… our freedoms… our beautiful lands.

If you’re also like me, then you like to hear SOLUTIONS, not just problems.  What we have to recognize is that the news is a form of reality TV… and like reality TV shows, the news thrives on– *dun dun DUUUUN*– DRAMA.

But life doesn’t have to be so dramatic.  The solutions to big problems can be seemingly small and simple.  We don’t have to have a screaming & kicking revolution to revolt against “the man” or “the machine.”  If you don’t like what’s going on, simply don’t support it.  Have you ever heard of the idea that “you vote with your dollars”?  I love this concept!  You can feel empowered every time you make a purchase knowing that your money is going to support an industry or corporation that you believe in.  So I encourage you to investigate deeper into the companies who provide you with your basic needs– your food, your shelter/power, and your clothing.

Being “eco-friendly” isn’t just a fad.  It’s a way of life, a mindset of being mindful, a commitment to healthy living.   And being “healthy” is more than exercise and diet– it’s how you exist in the world… body, mind, and spirit.  The idea of being “eco-friendly” comes from a desire for “sustainability”– meaning, it doesn’t exhaust its resources.  “Sustainable fashion,” or “eco-fashion,” pays attention to the fabric creation and to the human energy invested, making sure that every step along the way, the impact is a positive one.

Not all of us live in a place where we have easy access to fresh, organic, and affordable foods.  Not all of us live in a place where we can switch over to solar or wind power.  In the same way, it can be a challenge to find clothing that is ethical.  But as a human being living in this day and age, I am excited that we have access to so much information and inspiration in the form of technology.  It is exhilarating to see more and more people wake up to their own power in how they can enact change.  I myself am undergoing this process of awakening!  More and more I want to support local artists, farmers, and businesses, because I can see their direct impact on the community.  In this same way, it is my commitment to you and to our earth to do my best to create art and clothing that has the intention of spreading LOVE.

…I hope I’m not sounding too hippy-dippy, but its true.  Because love IS the antidote to fear.  So I want to make sure that’s what I’m giving back to the world.  Because “what we give is what we get.”  The fabric of my brand ShockT Designs has been named one of the most sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics.  (As a bonus, its also amazingly soft, so you’ll feel loved when you wear it.)  My designs were sewn here in the USA, by a team of sweeties who create in good ol’ San Francisco and L.A.  And the art printed on each garment came from my mind & heart, reflecting images found in nature and ideas that uplift.

I share this with you because the more I travel down this path of “fashion,” the more I am inspired to be a part of the movement that brings us out of fear and ignorance and into love and awareness.  Such is the way of mindful existence.  The first step is choosing to wake up.  And it is always a choice.


Love you guys,







<3 Courtney


… on a wednesday evening, feeling fiesty during the new moon in Aries, 3/29/2017, 9:26 pm

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