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Live in the Heart

“At the root of human misery, Buddhism sees three destructive impulses: greed, anger and foolishness, which it terms the ‘three poisons.’ These are the essence of all the delusions and negative workings of life that impede the realization of our full potential for happiness and creativity.”

SGI Quarterly

“Our ability to hear and act on the information being sent from the heart, can make the difference in whether we experience life as a series of stressful events or one that’s rich in quality.”

Heart Math Insititute


I want to share with you something interesting.

I learned this from a documentary called “I Am.”  Throughout the world, there are machines called “Random Number Generators.”  During the 9/11 attacks back in 2001, scientists noticed these machines began to generate numbers in patterns.  The randomness, the chaos, was interrupted.  Something had caused all these machines to gain some sense of order.

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I watched this documentary last Friday, the night before I learned about the Paris attacks.

From the unusual activity of the random number generator after 9/11, a theory emerged: because the world’s focus was honed in on this one incident, because people en mass were uniting together, offering support and compassion– that somehow, this intense shift in the collective consciousness created global change on an energetic level.

Perhaps this can be pish-poshed as woo-woo New-Agey BS.  But more and more I’m starting to see how our modern, mainstream society seems to be missing something.  Why does the energetic/spirit world need to be viewed as imaginary?  Before the dawn of science and Darwin– when we began to see the world as mechanical and competitive– our ancestors lived in close connection to the natural world and the internal world.  “That human consciousness is not limited to a narrow spectrum of socially acceptable choices is resisted mightily in our country” (quote from this awesome book: “Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers.”

Despite the negativity on the news– with threats of war, warnings against ISIS (and against Muslims in general,) and criticism against world leaders– you can see how these challenging times serve to unite the masses.  (Just look at Facebook and see all the French flag colors covering all those profile pictures!)  Just as we saw during 9/11, from the darkest depths of fear are born courageous acts of love.   

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Okay, so does that mean we need to wait for catastrophe before we can unite with the world in compassion?

Of course not.

The opportunity to see the world from a place of love and gratitude is always available to us. To create big shifts, we can start on a small scale.  We can start cultivating a personal practice, to help shift our way of perceiving from one of fear into one of gratitude.

One of my all-time favorite yoga teachers is Shiva Rea.  She recently released a beautiful book, “Tending the Heart Fire,” and discusses her work in this interview on the Sounds True podcast here.  (Offering insights on how we can get re-connected with ourselves and our natural world through the rhythms of our bodies, the earth and the cosmos.)

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Shiva explains how research at the Heart Math Institute has shown the magnetic field produced by the heart is 5,000 times more powerful than our brain.  The electromagnetic pulse permeates every cell in our body.  The heart is much more than a pulsing muscle.  It is in itself like a brain.  Research reveals you can, in fact, “think with your heart,” and doing so can lend to a life more free of confusion, anxiety, and stress.

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Here is a practice from Shiva Rea we can use to tap into our “heart intelligence”–>

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Heart-Fire Meditation

(this can be done in a seated practice, or incorporated throughout your day any time you find a quiet moment)

–Relax the back of your eyes, as if you were looking inward to your heart region

–Sense the sensation of this region in your torso

–Letting go of everything else, as you establish this inner gaze.

–Place your hand on your heart (feel any rattling or dissonance pass away)

–Contemplate the things for which you are grateful

–Sense the electromagnetic field of your heart (you can radiate your hands away, in a motion of both giving & receiving)

Amidst all this talk of war and all the turmoil from east to west, its easy to feel helpless, distrustful, and confused.  When we feel we can’t trust world leaders to make decisions based out of love, then what can we do?  Start with yourself.  Cultivate heart awareness, and start to act, speak, and think from this place.  If more and more people start to do this, imagine the miracles that will unfold.

Let’s do this!

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With love and gratitude,

<3 Courtney


“The Shift is about to hit the fan.”

–Tom Shadyac, “I Am.”

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