Living Mindfully and Sustainably


Nuclear bombs, GMO-foods, oil fracking, the military complex…. AAAHHHH!!!!!

There is certainly no shortage of fear and negativity if you turn on the TV or tune into conversations on the streets.  Perhaps, like me, you sometimes find yourself feeling helpless and at the whim of greedy governments and corporations, left to wonder what the next turn of events will bring for the fortune of our country… our freedoms… our beautiful lands.

If you’re also like me, then you like to … Read the rest


What’s on the Horizon?





It’s true.  I am a luster for the wandering.


Getting Here

During college, (I count my lucky stars) I had multiple experiences exploring overseas.  Europe, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Central America I can check off my list (and plan to check again, sometime in my life, if destiny so allows.)  After I graduated, I quenched more of my wander-thirst by opting to teach English in China (see for more detailed accounts.)


After returning … Read the rest


Mother’s Day Gnomes are Coming to Town

“Do you hear that?”
“What, what is it?”
“There’s something on the roof…”
“…Could it be…?

*pitter-patter, pitter-patter*

“…the Mother’s Day gnomes!?!”

Okay, since we’ve all learned by now that
*spoiler alert*
Mother’s Day gnomes are not real…
(and don’t even exist in the world of fantastical creatures)

then it’s time we stop procrastinating
and get mom something seriously cool this year.

(I myself am going with the non-cool, boring & traditional
blah vase & plant route…
because my head … Read the rest


Fashion Design & Yoga

For me, being a yoga instructor is a form of self-expression that allows me to connect with others. I’ve learned more and more that teaching is itself an art form. My decision to become a designer was a calling that came from a similar place of my teaching, rather than a desire to enter the fashion industry. I wanted to connect with people, with those who hold similar values and views of life, and who want to find ways to … Read the rest


Winter Styling Tips and St. Pete Market Announcements

The new year is fully upon us.
2014 brings loads of excitement…
Winter fashion, blossoming yoga studios, pirate parades, and CLEARANCE SALES.
(Obviously its going to be a great year.)


Courtney here, bringing you some winter styling tips! 

(even for you, Floridians.)

[Below: Proof of styling experience! There I am doing styling stuff.
You can totally trust me as your styling expert.] Tip #1:  Scarves are the awesomest.  They make you look chic and classy, while inside you’re feeling
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What the heck is Supima Cotton?

Read on to find out WHY ShockT chooses Supima Cotton for our peek-a-boo shoulder tees!



The idea of sustainability is simply so much more than just being organic. Growing a cotton crop sustainably takes many factors into consideration in both a short-term and long-term view, and must address economic growth, environmental protection and conservation, as well as social responsibility. The ultimate goal of reaching a level of sustainability is to create a situation in which the net effects … Read the rest

Why We Do It…

…USA-made and Eco-friendly

Our brand is all about bringing together a community of like-minded people by communicating our values through art and fashion.

Being “eco-friendly,” you know that a big part of what we’re about is nurturing our environment. And by environment, we don’t just mean “nature;” we mean everything around us–people, places, and things–that have supported us and helped us thrive as human beings. ShockT wants to give back to that environment, and we’re doing it by making eco-friendly … Read the rest

Dandelion Peek-a-boo Shoulder Tee

Our Printing Process

We print all images direct-to-garment.

And direct-to-garment printing is freakin’ awesome.

Why? First of all, it allows the fabric to maintain its natural “soft feel.” That’s because the image is printed using dye-like inks rather than paint-like inks, which seep into the fabric instead of sitting on top.

The other benefit of these D-to-G inks? No cracking, peeling, or fading. So your shirt stays looking sharp and fresh, wash after wash.

Better yet, direct-to-garment printing offers a chemical-free set-up and … Read the rest

Organic Bamboo-Happy

Here at ShockT, we are proud not only of our original hand-drawn designs and our flattering style, but we’re also totally in love with our fabrics. All of our shirts are made with organic and domestic material – that means no chemicals and no unnecessary amounts of energy spent on transportation. It also means that we guarantee every ShockT will have a soft, natural, comfortable look and feel. Because we have organic and sustainable tees, you don’t have to worry … Read the rest