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TrickORTreat! Halloween Sale!

Dearest friends,


It’s that time of year again…  When it’s normal to walk around with fake blood on your face and plastic vampire teeth in your mouth.  When fishnet stocking companies rake in the millions.  When fake tombstones take the place of plastic flamingos in your neighbor’s yard.

That’s right.  It’s the perfect time to start watching “A Nightmare before Christmas.” It’s…Halloween.


I love how on this holiday, we can rejoice together in our weirdness, and let go … Read the rest


Roadtrip Details: Unfolding


From early July- early September,

ShockT will be crossing the country!  (Well, looping, technically…)


Here’s where we’ll be scoping out cities!  –>

Asheville, NC

Baltimore, MD

New York City

Boston, MA

Burlington, VT

Ithaca, NY

Columbus, OH

Chicago, IL

Iowa City

Denver/Boulder, CO

Salt Lake City, UT


Portland, OR

Eugene & Bend, OR

Eureka, CA  (Mt. Shasta)

San Francisco, CA

Santa Barbara, CA

San Diego, CA

Joshua Tree

(Grand Canyon!)

Sedona, AZ

Santa Fe, NM

San Antonio, TXRead the rest


Music Festivals: A Peaceful Revolution

Music festivals have been a part of our modern culture since the rise of Woodstock in 1969. Springing forth from the creative ambitions of counter-culture, these gatherings range from small local bands who play for a few hundred people, to world-famous acts that rake in hundreds-of-thousands of eager patrons from around the world. But despite the peaceful intentions that often lay the foundation of music festivals, festival-goers may find themselves perpetually linked to stereotypes of drug abuse, frivolousness, and social … Read the rest


Roadtripper Returns

(…Is this real-life?

Sometimes summertime makes me wonder…)

Hello, dear fellow dwellers of this earth planet, and WELCOME, to this over-due edition of Where in the World is ShockT Designs?!

I have just returned to home-base in St. Pete, FL, after a 4-week roadtrip/camping adventure that brought me through highways and backroads and big cities and small towns up and down the east coast, from Pinellas County to Lincolnville, Maine.  (The above photo was taken atop a mountain in Acadia

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Great Expectations

There is a secret to happiness.

“Expect nothing.”

That’s right. That’s all it takes.

Imagine, if you didn’t expect your drive to work to take 20 minutes, so when traffic strikes and renders you late for a meeting (and everyone there wasn’t expecting you to be on time, anyway), then, no big deal, you’re just cruising and spending more time jamming out to the Foo Fighters. Imagine if you had no ideals of love, marriage, and family, with no wants … Read the rest

amethyst-blogimage-love-yourself-love yourself

Learning to Love it All

Oh, this lovely weather we’re having down in the south side… (*EARMUFFS, northerners!*) My Chicago-dwelling fellow designer friend just told me she walked outside and felt like it was warming up… and she looked at her porch thermometer and it read “18 degrees.” Fahrenheit. That was WARMER. I don’t even know WTF that kind of cold would do to my Florida blood. So, yeah, I can’t complain.

Actually, yes I can. Why is it that some humans have evolved to … Read the rest


A Yoga-Inspired Birthday Outlook: Older & Wiser & Awesomer


Last Wednesday was my birthday. (Represent, fellow Aquarians!) In practicing “higher vibration” language, I will resist saying that “another year has come and gone,” and instead say that I’m grateful for our human experience being one that allows us to grow in our wisdom as we acquire year after year of experience living and interacting on this planet.

…Well, that was a mouthful…

I like to think of birthdays as being the true celebration of New Years, minus the fireworks … Read the rest


Lotus Yoga Studio, New Style, Raffle Video, and $10 CLEARANCE SALE!

Courtney with ShockT Designs here!  Procrastinating yet again
as we await with bated breath the arrival of happy hour…
Fun stuff, ya’ll:
Blossoming yoga studios, Raffle playtime, NEW styles, and CLEARANCE SALES.
(That’s right, it’s happening.)


First things first, (<what does that really mean, anyway??)
an amazing new yoga studio is opening up
in our Old Northeast St. Pete neighborhood, people!
Yogis and non-yogis alike, let’s rejoice in the booming
of new businesses in this poppin’ city of ours!
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