Music Festivals: A Peaceful Revolution

Music festivals have been a part of our modern culture since the rise of Woodstock in 1969. Springing forth from the creative ambitions of counter-culture, these gatherings range from small local bands who play for a few hundred people, to world-famous acts that rake in hundreds-of-thousands of eager patrons from around the world. But despite the peaceful intentions that often lay the foundation of music festivals, festival-goers may find themselves perpetually linked to stereotypes of drug abuse, frivolousness, and social … Read the rest


How to Change a “Flat Tire”


Happy Pi Day (3.14)

I hope you indulged in some sort of scrumptious baked good to celebrate.

When I had a second helping today of a dark chocolate concoction that I whipped up in my food processor, I found consolation by labeling this decadent decision as a homage to Pi Day (thank you to one of my 6am yoga students for enthusiastically pointing out this unofficial holiday to me this morning, so that I could feel less guilty about sneaking … Read the rest


Great Expectations

There is a secret to happiness.

“Expect nothing.”

That’s right. That’s all it takes.

Imagine, if you didn’t expect your drive to work to take 20 minutes, so when traffic strikes and renders you late for a meeting (and everyone there wasn’t expecting you to be on time, anyway), then, no big deal, you’re just cruising and spending more time jamming out to the Foo Fighters. Imagine if you had no ideals of love, marriage, and family, with no wants … Read the rest


Lotus Yoga Studio, New Style, Raffle Video, and $10 CLEARANCE SALE!

Courtney with ShockT Designs here!  Procrastinating yet again
as we await with bated breath the arrival of happy hour…
Fun stuff, ya’ll:
Blossoming yoga studios, Raffle playtime, NEW styles, and CLEARANCE SALES.
(That’s right, it’s happening.)


First things first, (<what does that really mean, anyway??)
an amazing new yoga studio is opening up
in our Old Northeast St. Pete neighborhood, people!
Yogis and non-yogis alike, let’s rejoice in the booming
of new businesses in this poppin’ city of ours!
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Winter Styling Tips and St. Pete Market Announcements

The new year is fully upon us.
2014 brings loads of excitement…
Winter fashion, blossoming yoga studios, pirate parades, and CLEARANCE SALES.
(Obviously its going to be a great year.)


Courtney here, bringing you some winter styling tips! 

(even for you, Floridians.)

[Below: Proof of styling experience! There I am doing styling stuff.
You can totally trust me as your styling expert.] Tip #1:  Scarves are the awesomest.  They make you look chic and classy, while inside you’re feeling
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Black and White Fashion Show

Black and White, Fashion Show, hand-drawn designs, local artists, downtown saint petersburg, florida fashion, spring fashionExtra, Extra!

Black and White is IN this season.

So we’re starting this Spring off right with a Black and White Fashion Show!

Next Friday, March 22,

from 8:30-10:30pm,

join ShockT Designs at

The Basement DTSP

1000 Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg

The Basement DTSP” is the perfect venue for an out-of-the-box Black and White Fashion Show!  The space is begging to be filled with something curious, unique, modern, and creative.  You descend a staircase from … Read the rest


Our most-popular Peek-a-Boo Shoulder Tee is on sale for CYBER MONDAY!!! All designs in this style are available for 30%-off to celebrate the coming holiday season. No promo code necessary! We’ve marked all our Peek-a-Boo tees down from $59 to $42, so you’re guaranteed a discount. And remember, shipping is FREE if you buy more than 2 items! So take advantage of our special discount and get a jump-start on your holiday shopping with original, stylish pieces of WEARable art … Read the rest