Mother’s Day Sale!

 To Mom:

Where do I begin?  

My mother has played such a huge role in my life, it’s impossible to find the words to express my gratitude.  

She’s shown me how to be a supportive friend, a caring sister, a loving daughter, and a joyful human being.

Her energy always amazes me– when I feel like crumpling onto the couch, she powers through to get. it. done.  

And what would life be like without the sense of humor she passed Read the rest


Mother’s Day Gnomes are Coming to Town

“Do you hear that?”
“What, what is it?”
“There’s something on the roof…”
“…Could it be…?

*pitter-patter, pitter-patter*

“…the Mother’s Day gnomes!?!”

Okay, since we’ve all learned by now that
*spoiler alert*
Mother’s Day gnomes are not real…
(and don’t even exist in the world of fantastical creatures)

then it’s time we stop procrastinating
and get mom something seriously cool this year.

(I myself am going with the non-cool, boring & traditional
blah vase & plant route…
because my head … Read the rest


Lotus Yoga Studio, New Style, Raffle Video, and $10 CLEARANCE SALE!

Courtney with ShockT Designs here!  Procrastinating yet again
as we await with bated breath the arrival of happy hour…
Fun stuff, ya’ll:
Blossoming yoga studios, Raffle playtime, NEW styles, and CLEARANCE SALES.
(That’s right, it’s happening.)


First things first, (<what does that really mean, anyway??)
an amazing new yoga studio is opening up
in our Old Northeast St. Pete neighborhood, people!
Yogis and non-yogis alike, let’s rejoice in the booming
of new businesses in this poppin’ city of ours!
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