Living Mindfully and Sustainably


Nuclear bombs, GMO-foods, oil fracking, the military complex…. AAAHHHH!!!!!

There is certainly no shortage of fear and negativity if you turn on the TV or tune into conversations on the streets.  Perhaps, like me, you sometimes find yourself feeling helpless and at the whim of greedy governments and corporations, left to wonder what the next turn of events will bring for the fortune of our country… our freedoms… our beautiful lands.

If you’re also like me, then you like to … Read the rest

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A Sacred Brewery

Last weekend was the new moon.  And Friday the 13th.  And the attacks on Paris. And the first day of my period.

All this, and also my last day on the mushroom farm.

It was certainly a time full of emotion and a feeling of massive shifts going on in the world and within myself.

Despite all this, I was prepared to leave behind the “known” and the comforts of the farm, ready for new adventure.  Next stop:  a hostel/brewery … Read the rest

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Live in the Heart

“At the root of human misery, Buddhism sees three destructive impulses: greed, anger and foolishness, which it terms the ‘three poisons.’ These are the essence of all the delusions and negative workings of life that impede the realization of our full potential for happiness and creativity.”

SGI Quarterly

“Our ability to hear and act on the information being sent from the heart, can make the difference in whether we experience life as a series of stressful events or one … Read the rest

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Fear & Loving in Lagunetas

It’s nearing the end of my time here on the mushroom farm in the hills of the Andes Mountains in Laguneta, Colombia.

I’ve spent most of the last month and a half outside, digging in the dirt, painting a mural, building paths, cutting down bamboo.  Even when I’m inside writing on my laptop or in the kitchen, it’s right next to a wall of windows overlooking giant trees and grassy hills.  I feel more connected to the earth than I … Read the rest


Digging Deep– the Whys, Hows, and Whats of this Adventure

It’s been a month since Joel and I arrived in Colombia.

Perhaps you may be wondering, “What is this yoga-doing, shirt-making, mandala-drawing human being doing in South America?”

The short answer:  Gaining new experiences…  Exploring new perspectives…  & Challenging myself to create a life that lets my soul sing.

The long answer: ……..


Part I:  The Travel Bug Unleashed

When I first met Joel, during one of our getting-to-know-eachother convos, I asked something like, “What is one thing you want … Read the rest

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Peaceful Warrior

As of late I’ve found much creative inspiration from yoga.
Yoga as a form of movement, yes,
but also as a tool for heart-opening.

I came across this meditation taught by author/teacher Jack Kornfield,
& this week I’ve practiced filling my thoughts with these words:

“May I be filled with lovingkindness.
May I be safe from inner and outer dangers.
May I be well in body and in mind.
May I be at ease and happy.”

In the midst of

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The Universe Speaks to 20-something-year-old Women

September 15 (& 16), 2015


I’m the kind of person who believes in “signs from the universe.”  I jive with the idea that when you’re on the right path, things fall into place.  Doors will open, people will show up, and crazy synchronicities will take you by the hand and lead you to your destiny.

Which is why I felt a little unsettled at the Tampa Airport, when the flight attendant announced that we had to de-board the plane due … Read the rest


Finding the Way

IMG_5162(Just two pro-fessional explorer-ers… out to find the next adventure…)

Joel pointed out yesterday that we’ve been “on the road” for 3 months now.

We’ve been in Colombia, South America, for 16 days… so at first this statement caught me off guard, “What?! It’s been 3 months?! …Where have I been?!”

But then it dawned on me.  Oh, yea, we started our USA-tour road trip early July–a lifestyle of sleeping in the car, in our tent, or on friends’ couches– … Read the rest

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Adventures in the Desert, or, Moab Musings

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Writing this now from Salt Lake City after spending a couple days in Moab… exploring Arches National Monument.

My sister, Coralie, met Joel and I in Moab, UT, late afternoon Wednesday evening, August 5, 2015.

Racing against the setting sun, we drove along the Colorado River scouting for “dispersed camping” (wild camping) instead of paying for a first-come-first-serve site. This we soon realized was a futile effort… because apparently designated “dispersed camping” areas were chosen as such based on their … Read the rest

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Baltimore & The Joshua Tree

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The city from which I hail.

…So how could we not stop for a visit?

If you watch the show “The Wire” and have never been to Baltimore, you might be disappointed (if you were hoping for gang fights and drug busts.)  In parts of town like Fells Point, the streets are lined with brownstone homes, Irish pubs, mixology bars, munchy/hangover-food diners, yoga studios, and preppy-city boutiques.  When you visit the Inner Harbor, you’re met with landmarks such as … Read the rest