Purpose, Practice, & Perseverance

It’s been an exciting time, this 2015, hasn’t it? I’ve heard from several tuned-in people that they feel this year is a time for great shifts in the direction of positive change. Can you sense it?

When you start moving in the right direction, you may find that the doors of opportunity start flying open. This past week has been a reminder for me that when you open yourself up to others, you may find that support and encouragement are … Read the rest


Music Festivals: A Peaceful Revolution

Music festivals have been a part of our modern culture since the rise of Woodstock in 1969. Springing forth from the creative ambitions of counter-culture, these gatherings range from small local bands who play for a few hundred people, to world-famous acts that rake in hundreds-of-thousands of eager patrons from around the world. But despite the peaceful intentions that often lay the foundation of music festivals, festival-goers may find themselves perpetually linked to stereotypes of drug abuse, frivolousness, and social … Read the rest


Hand-drawn Art: Transformation


This drawing was inspired by “Transformation.” From the mind-expanding properties of natural medicines to the depths of wisdom revealed through meditation practices, our human potential to heal and grow continues to astound me.

I listen to a podcast called “RadioLab,” and one episode explored the process of a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly. This expanded into a deeper question of our core essence– what still remains as “I”/”me” once an old identity is shed, and a rebirth, in … Read the rest


How to Change a “Flat Tire”


Happy Pi Day (3.14)

I hope you indulged in some sort of scrumptious baked good to celebrate.

When I had a second helping today of a dark chocolate concoction that I whipped up in my food processor, I found consolation by labeling this decadent decision as a homage to Pi Day (thank you to one of my 6am yoga students for enthusiastically pointing out this unofficial holiday to me this morning, so that I could feel less guilty about sneaking … Read the rest


Fashion Design & Yoga

For me, being a yoga instructor is a form of self-expression that allows me to connect with others. I’ve learned more and more that teaching is itself an art form. My decision to become a designer was a calling that came from a similar place of my teaching, rather than a desire to enter the fashion industry. I wanted to connect with people, with those who hold similar values and views of life, and who want to find ways to … Read the rest


Bird of Paradise


Here is my latest hand-drawn design, inspired by a flower that for me has come to represent friendship and new beginnings. The Bird of Paradise, with its flamboyant array of petals, exudes a personality all its own. I’m on a kick of keeping these flowers fresh in my apartment–its like having colorful little creatures greeting me whenever I walk in my front door.

For 2014, I’ll have this design printed on the womens peek-a-boo shoulder tee. It will be featured … Read the rest

Chakra Circle

Seven Chakras Circling around and around and around and around...
Here’s a sneak-peak at a new rendition of our “7 Chakras” design! We think this circular formation of the chakras has a beautiful flow to it, and mimics the same spiraling energy characteristic of the chakras. “OM!” to that, we say! … Read the rest