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“King Pigeon” pose.  A deep heart opener, physically & emotionally.

Intention: Rawness.


You always hear how marriage takes work.

I’m not married.  Never have been.  But for the first time ever, I’m in a relationship that I foresee lasting longer than just a couple years.  And I’m starting to understand what this “work” is all about.  When you get to know someone on a deeper level, that means they’re getting to know you … Read the rest


Why Do Yoga?

Why do yoga?


How many times have we told ourselves, “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good at that”?

As a yoga teacher, I’ve often heard potential students say, “I can’t do yoga. I can’t even

touch my toes!” Usually someone chimes in and says, “Then you need it more than

anyone!” But yoga, I believe, is equally available and beneficial to EVERYone.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means, “to yoke” or “to unite.” The union that is … Read the rest


Purpose, Practice, & Perseverance

It’s been an exciting time, this 2015, hasn’t it? I’ve heard from several tuned-in people that they feel this year is a time for great shifts in the direction of positive change. Can you sense it?

When you start moving in the right direction, you may find that the doors of opportunity start flying open. This past week has been a reminder for me that when you open yourself up to others, you may find that support and encouragement are … Read the rest


Music Festivals: A Peaceful Revolution

Music festivals have been a part of our modern culture since the rise of Woodstock in 1969. Springing forth from the creative ambitions of counter-culture, these gatherings range from small local bands who play for a few hundred people, to world-famous acts that rake in hundreds-of-thousands of eager patrons from around the world. But despite the peaceful intentions that often lay the foundation of music festivals, festival-goers may find themselves perpetually linked to stereotypes of drug abuse, frivolousness, and social … Read the rest


Hand-drawn Art: Transformation


This drawing was inspired by “Transformation.” From the mind-expanding properties of natural medicines to the depths of wisdom revealed through meditation practices, our human potential to heal and grow continues to astound me.

I listen to a podcast called “RadioLab,” and one episode explored the process of a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly. This expanded into a deeper question of our core essence– what still remains as “I”/”me” once an old identity is shed, and a rebirth, in … Read the rest


Featured Artist: Chris Castillo of Coalescent Minds

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 6.27.25 PMchris-castillo-coalescent-minds-pendant-magical-silver-copper-hand-woven-jewelry-all-seeing-eye

This week I am excited to have Chris Castillo of Coalescent Minds as ShockT’s “Featured Artist” !!! — Rejoice, art community! Embrace and enjoy the magic Chris has come to share with us all.

Chris Castillo is one of those people who emits a glow. He seems to always be smiling, and he is often wearing a lively tie-dye shirt from M-Dub Designs. But it’s not just his personality and his style that shine; there’s something vibrant about his Read the rest


Roadtripper Returns

(…Is this real-life?

Sometimes summertime makes me wonder…)

Hello, dear fellow dwellers of this earth planet, and WELCOME, to this over-due edition of Where in the World is ShockT Designs?!

I have just returned to home-base in St. Pete, FL, after a 4-week roadtrip/camping adventure that brought me through highways and backroads and big cities and small towns up and down the east coast, from Pinellas County to Lincolnville, Maine.  (The above photo was taken atop a mountain in Acadia

Read the rest

Mother’s Day Gnomes are Coming to Town

“Do you hear that?”
“What, what is it?”
“There’s something on the roof…”
“…Could it be…?

*pitter-patter, pitter-patter*

“…the Mother’s Day gnomes!?!”

Okay, since we’ve all learned by now that
*spoiler alert*
Mother’s Day gnomes are not real…
(and don’t even exist in the world of fantastical creatures)

then it’s time we stop procrastinating
and get mom something seriously cool this year.

(I myself am going with the non-cool, boring & traditional
blah vase & plant route…
because my head … Read the rest


April Showers bring May flowers — SPRING NEWS for ShockT Designs!

Staying dry, dear ducklings?

Yes, rain is sweeping across the nation.
America needed a bath, apparently.

In other news…

–Sunny Markets, music festivals…
Ah, tis’ the summer season.

–Men are gonna look GOOD in these.

–Ladies’ apparel for frolicking around beaches and festival forests and the like.


Mother was in town last weekend at market.
…Hence the accompanying poodle-sidekick.
(Before/After shots)

The heat wears us out.
Or maybe it was the excessive partaking of vegan cookies…

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