Why We Do It…

…USA-made and Eco-friendly

Our brand is all about bringing together a community of like-minded people by communicating our values through art and fashion.
Being “eco-friendly,” you know that a big part of what we’re about is nurturing our environment. And by environment, we don’t just mean “nature;” we mean everything around us–people, places, and things–that have supported us and helped us thrive as human beings. ShockT wants to give back to that environment, and we’re doing it by making eco-friendly choices and by staying USA-made.

Being USA-made, we strive to create more jobs for our local economy, and to always be aware of the conditions in which our clothing is created, knowing due respect is paid to all the hard-workers involved.

That’s also why we don’t buy “blanks.” We design and manufacture our own clothing–not only so we can select the best eco-friendly fabrics, but also so we can meet each person who has a part in the manufacturing process, from fabric to factory. We want to feel connected to the creation of each garment, so we can say with confidence that behind each ShockT shirt is a whole lot of love and support. So when you wear ShockT, you can feel that you are supporting this community, too!

One thing we love about being a small business is that you have the power to empower–by making conscious choices, helping build community, and connecting with others. One day we hope these values become the norm for all businesses.